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About The Really Good Emails

portrait Matthew Smith

Hi. I’m Matthew Smith

I like to speak up, sometimes too much, about things I like. It’s why I started PatternTap back in the day and its why I have started Really Good Emails now – I love showing off other people’s great design work. You can find me on Twitter as @whale.


Also with Mike Nelson and Sean Kennedy

Super happy to both of these guys working with me and really carrying the banner in many ways here at Really Good Emails. Both Mike and Sean are incredible partners here.

On Building

I built this site on a wordpress theme in about 30 hours. It’s actually the last way I would want to build this, but it was an experiment in making a site as fast as humanly possible and getting value out of it. I’m stoked to call the site launched here on March 25, 2014. Well done Matthew, well done.