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About The Really Good Emails

portrait Matthew Smith

Hi. I’m Matthew Smith

I like to speak up, sometimes too much, about things I like. It’s why I started PatternTap back in the day and its why I have started Really Good Emails now – I love showing off other people’s great design work. You can find me on Twitter as @whale


Dennis Ideler

I’m happy to have the help of Dennis Ideler. He’s got great enthusiasm for emails along with me and will be adding to Really Good Emails regularly. Dennis is involved in the free and open source community, mainly with Freeseer and Software Niagara. You can find Dennis on Twitter as @dideler


Chin Pei Yee

Chin is a freelance designer based in Malaysia. She helps to collate the emails and post to ReallyGoodEmails.com. She’s also got a good handle on getting things posted to Twitter. You can visit her site Keller Design Portfolio.

On Building

I built this site on a wordpress theme in about 30 hours. It’s actually the last way I would want to build this, but it was an experiment in making a site as fast as humanly possible and getting value out of it. I’m stoked to call the site launched here on March 25, 2014. Well done Matthew, well done.

Email Design Consulting

What’s that? You’re interested in learning more about your own email system strengths and weaknesses? That’s funny, I’m available for consulting on your email situation. You should not trust me to grow your garden, I would kill things, but with product design – of which email is an integral part – you can learn from my successes and failures. I’ve worked on several product teams as Creative Director, Chief Creative Officer, and Designer. All of these products use email marketing as a core part of their customer experience. Get in touch, and let’s powwow.

  • Email Review is done by email, and is $300 per reviewed email.
  • Email Design starts at $1000/email.