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Discover the new Italiano Range

Dominos was very up for trying progressive techniques. I went to them with an idea of a simple email carousel to showcase their new pizza range (although it would only work on a few devices) and they were well up for it!

The designer made my life even harder by using background images too, and we had to code a fallback which works beautifully (falls back to an image showing all pizzas for email clients with no support for the carousel). Awaiting results, but the ESP said it was one of the best emails they’ve ever seen!

I stumbled upon the Pret interactive email and gracefully borrowed and adapted their code. What I love about their version is the use of CSS animation steps to show the cup filling up, but we decided not to use that as the images were already getting pretty large (transparent PNGs and backgrounds etc) so we didn’t want to cause long load times for the end user.

Here’s a link the the Fresh Inbox blog post about it.

View the Live Email Edit on CodePen

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