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This week we announce Statsbot Platform.


We’re launching big upgrades to Statsbot with features like self-serve data exploration, smart notifications, and advanced data sharing.


Also, we’re happy to announce that we’re making our Core Analytics Platform available for free. We believe that nowadays every company needs to be data-driven in order to succeed.


That's why we’re committed to our mission to provide every business in the world with a simple to use yet powerful Analytics Platform.

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Self-Serve Data Exploration

Imagine exploring your Database and drilling down to the very specific cause of the issue without writing any SQL. Just like in Google Analytics or Mixpanel, but for your very own Database. Statsbot Data Exploration makes this possible.

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Smart notifications

You can’t keep an eye on your metrics every minute to detect suspicious changes over time. Let Statsbot learn from your data and notify you when something happens so that you can take immediate action. Also, you can get notifications to know how your activities correlate to your business goals.

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Advanced Data Sharing

Our goal is to spread data and data usage to more than just a handful of users on the team. With Statsbot, every department can easily get insights out of any data source with just one tool. Statsbot’s World-Class Slack integration makes every conversation in Slack data-driven in real-time.

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Statsbot Webinar

Join our upcoming product webinar to learn more about Statsbot Platform and all of the features you will have access to!

Date: Thursday, October 26, 2017

Time: 10am PDT / 1pm EDT


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