A message about your JustGive account
JustGive is now part of the global platform, JustGiving

Hello Smiles Davis,

We're super excited to tell you that JustGive is now part of JustGiving, the world's most trusted online giving platform.

We're incredibly proud to have helped over 22 million people in 164 different countries raise over $4.5 billion. JustGiving helps amazing people like you raise more for the causes you love. Not only are there thousands of charities you can support, JustGiving is also a crowdfunding platform. Want to help someone you love? Change something in your community? Whatever you care about, you can make it happen on JustGiving.

From Friday 13th October, all JustGive traffic will be directed through JustGiving. While you won't be able to complete new donations through JustGive any longer, you will be able to access your past Giving History through tax time 2018. Find out more.
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PS - If you have a recurring donation set up through JustGive, this will continue to be processed through December 2017. Before the end of 2017 you will be able to create a new recurring profile through JustGiving to continue supporting your favorite charities in 2018.
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