ueno. Newsletter May 11, 2017

Friday, October 6, 2017

Your design has arrived: A showcase for Uber
Two phones with Uber all over them

Our friends at Uber wanted a place to show off all the design work they've got going on. So we helped them build a website to do it. No big deal.

  Case Study: Uber Design
Back to the future: Marco speaks

Want to see Marco Coppeto, our Senior Designer in Reykjavík, live on stage, talking about the future while silently judging you?

Well, come to The Future in Dublin on November 3-4. It's a live event celebrating innovators in design, media, creativity, culture, and whatnot. You know, people like you.

  It's The Future
Marco, looking scary



Trends with benefits: another day, another app

Trends, content, interests, buzz, emoji — these are a few of our favorite things. And they're all there in Trends & Friends, the new search app our friends at Laserlike just launched with the help of our highly photogenic team of developers.

  Yes, it's on the App Store
Trends, friends and screenshots

Anil Panguluri, via  #dearueno on Twitter:

“How does one learn to make illustrations like the ones in this blog post?

It's Carolyn!

Carolyn Zhang

Developer, Ueno SF

Hey Anil,

First of all, thanks for asking this question. I had worked on writing and illustrating that post for over a month, and after I finally published it, I just felt empty and directionless. But now you’ve given me renewed purpose! (Until I finish writing this!)

I definitely consider myself a n00b at illustration. I doodle in my notebook and have taken a few drawing classes, but this was my first time actually illustrating anything: drawing to communicate ideas. I was learning as I was going along, so I’ll share how all that went down.

  See how it all went down