Creative teams are using Dropmark for all sorts of things. Design studios are using Dropmark to gather inspiration, review designs, and collect feedback. Educators are using Dropmark to curate podcasts, circulate notes, and present course material. 

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Four ideas for using Dropmark with your team:


Keep everything from napkin sketches to final renderings all in one place, so team members can see the evolution of a project.


Skip the deck. Drag and drop images, videos, and links to create a simple presentation without the fuss.

Work remotely

Record and upload daily stand-up meetings, so remote teams can subscribe and watch as a playlist or podcast.


Track potential hires by saving portfolios and résumés. Gather feedback after each interview with comments.


96% of surveyed teams who use Dropmark report that they are more organized and 75% say they’re more productive. 


Give your team a visual home

Dropmark Teams enjoy pro features like commenting, annotations, tags, stacks, and more. Take your team to the next level.