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Create stunning emails fast at or in hundreds of SaaS applications that have embedded the BEE editor.


Start from hundreds of professionally designed templates or build your email from scratch, quickly and easily with our drag n' drop builder. With BEE things like adding background images to a row, resizing a logo, or changing the look of a button are just a few clicks away. Let your imagination run free.

BEE provides fantastic email design flexibility. Add new rows to a message, each with a different number of columns. Copy and rearrange content quickly. Leverage granular control on padding, spacing, borders, and smart features like "Do not stack on mobile". Email design is fun again!

Known For

  • Saving hours on email production
  • Designing emails quickly and flexibly
  • Showing different content on mobile
  • Enriching your emails with gifs
  • More than 450 editable templates

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