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NPS Score Survey Email Design from Squarespace

Email Subject

How are we doing?

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The email is focused on a single short task, getting feedback. No sales pitch, feature announcements, or any other distractions.

Getting feedback from users is always worthwhile. Lots of companies already send out similar emails, but they usually require you to go to some external survey. I typically delete such emails. This email on the other hand, makes the task very simple. I can quickly give feedback without leaving the email and I can immediately see that I don’t have pages of questions to answer.

A greeting by name is always a nice personal touch. The subject line is incredibly simple and to the point.

The email uses a good amount of text and isn’t littered with images. The most important text is bolded so it easily stands out from the lower contrast text.


The email is bland and boring. Maybe using a cover photo for the header with the company logo overlaid could make it more interesting.

Even though the email does a great job at simplifying the process of giving feedback, it’s still overly complicated.

The main question can be trimmed down to “How likely are you to recommend Squarespace?” which should nicely fit on one line.

The options scale is way too big. Too many choices leads us to stall and avoid choosing. What does option 2 mean for example—somewhat unlikely? Narrow it down to about 3 choices (e.g. “Would not recommend”, “Not sure”, “Would recommend”) and display them horizontally to make the email much shorter. Also make the clickable space more obvious by putting the options within borders, such as buttons.

The excessive thanks is redundant. The thanks at the bottom feels misdirected, being thanked for completing the form would make more sense at that point.

The links in the footer do not look like links. Links should be obvious.

Mobile view is a lot narrower, poorly aligning the logo in the header.

Commentary by Dennis Ideler   •   View more commentary by Dennis   •   Follow Dennis on Twitter

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