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Can design lay the foundation for a better future?

Can design really help lay the foundation for a better future? In our new editorial series five design entrepreneurs and innovators speak about ways to minimize carbon emissions, multiply power through community relationships, and combat UX strategies that trick users into unintended purchases. 

As of now, you can find ideas on how to instill organisational ethics in a design business and how to launch experimental social projects in difficult times. New articles are released once a week. 

Creating a web project that stands out requires a deep understanding of typography. This comprehensive collection of manuals and video tutorials offers rules, guides, and tips on how to combine fonts, cope with web readability issues, and open up your typographic imagination. You’ll also find a four-in-one flexible editorial template.

Educational marketing case study

Practicum by Yandex—an online educational service providing career advancement programs in web development, data science, marketing, and design—explains why they chose Readymag to roll out their promo campaigns.

In this issue of Bookmarks, Interaction Design teacher at Harbour Space University and Creative Director Claudio Guglieri highlight the Eyedesyn channel on Youtube.

“The next frontier of design is spatial design, attached to yourself or attached to your environment. It’s going to happen as soon as a device comes in and makes a new form factor (glasses?) mainstream. This has been the trajectory for several years and when we land, it’s going to catch a lot of designers unprepared. With that in mind, I want to share Eyedesyn—a free resource that designers can use to prepare for a new reality. It’s run by E.J. Hassenfratz—everything this guy does deserves a beeple collection. He’s been giving back to the community for a long time.”