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Voice of San Diego


VOSD and the Pandemic

Dear Voice of San Diego family,

Our staff just met to talk about what our role is as we watch the United States enter an unprecedented disruption. We are a fiercely local investigative news entity, which makes situations like, say, global pandemics, interesting journalistic dilemmas.

We came up with several ideas of things to investigate and how to explain the local impacts and issues. You will see those in coming days.

We also want to hear from you. What are you concerned about? What do you not understand? What have you heard? What have you experienced? Fill out this form to tell us. Or email us at

Here are a couple resources that you should pass along to help people understand:

We are committed to being relevant and a valuable service to you even if we all end up in our homes for a while. Our role holding local governments accountable and explaining what they’re doing on local issues not having to do with the coronavirus continues.

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis
CEO and Editor-in-Chief  

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