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Getting started on Google+

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Getting started on Google+

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Short and simple. Good use of whitespace and high contrast make the content very readable.

The email looks fun, mostly due to the Google colours at the bottom, which is consistent with Google’s branding.

The content is relevant for a new user. Short descriptions tell you what you can do on Google+ and there are lots of links to the site.


The header and footer hurt the overall appearance of the email, they could fit in better with the body. The Google+ logo in the header is grey, which is unusual. The content in the header and footer is left-aligned, while the body content is centred. The footer is very verbose, containing roughly the same amount of text as the body.

Some of the icons could be more appropriate. For example, a silhouette of a group of people for the first icon, and a mobile phone for the last icon.

The list of next steps comes across more as a list of selling points, but you’re already sold if you just signed up. A numbered list would make it more obvious that it’s a list of next steps to follow.

The links in those steps don’t make sense on their own: “just the right people”, “your photos”, “Android”, “iPhone”. Make the links more descriptive by using the whole sentence as the link. It gives a better idea of what to expect when you click it, and is also friendlier for screen readers. And by having bigger clickable areas, click rates will likely increase.

The mobile view is way too narrow, but in this case I think the layout was responsive and the browser was resized incorrectly to take the screenshot. It’s possible the email looks better on an actual phone.

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