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Update Email Design from Peak

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We’re waging war on shoulder taps…

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The banner does a great job at summarizing the product. If someone were to glance at the email, they would still get the message just by viewing the banner. Bonus points if it’s clickable.

The content is very readable, thanks to a sans-serif font, high contrast, short paragraphs, and proper line spacing.

The wording is simple. The text clearly communicates what problem the product solves.


Make the product look luxurious by using the “less is more” principle. Not much content is needed to communicate the general idea of the product or service advertised.

The introduction can be trimmed down. For example, the first paragraph can be reduced to

For the past year, we’ve been working on a beautiful new product called Peak. Today we’re excited to share it with the world.

The section below the call to action button (“About Peak”) doesn’t add much value and makes the email too long. It contains a lot of repeated information from the first section—some sentences are copied verbatim. It would have been better as a blog post.

The links could have had their underlines removed to increase legibility. But people expect links to to be underlined, so they should still show when hovered over with the mouse.

It’s unclear who the company is behind the product. With such a common name as Peak, it’s extra important to tell readers who made it so they (or those they tell about the product) can get meaningful results when searching for it later.

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