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Product Update Email Design from Layer Vault

Email Subject

Introducing LayerVault Enterprise

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This email is outstanding. No clutter and incredibly concise. Simple wording describes the new product, no jargon.

The layout is nicely formatted, including the footer. High contrast text improves readability. The primary call to action stands out.


What the heck is LayerVault? The email fails to tell me that. I could have signed up a year ago and never used your site, I’m clueless now. Describe what the product is every time you communicate about it. Every email is an opportunity to convert your inactive users to active users. When I go to their website, the first thing I see is that it’s “Version control for designers.” Include that in your email.

How relevant is the included image? It’s a beautiful abstract drawing, but perhaps a screenshot of the product would be better.

Using a single call to action would make this email even simpler. It reduces the amount of decisions the reader has to make (“Which button should I click?”). Link to the “Learn more” page from the blog post.

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