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Reserve your spot at TIAA’s December live webinars

This email design upends the marketing dogma that insists “more photos, more gifs, more videos!” It uses highly legible fonts and bold colors to guide you through its content. I open these every time, just because they make me happy.

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  • Osman Erzinclioglu

    This one’s iffy for me. I do like the color scheme and design, but there’s five courses listed and just one call to action. (Rather than a direct link to the specific webinar you’re interested in.)

    With the white-space at the end of each of the last four items, it almost feels like the CTAs are missing.

    Also, the landing page doesn’t really reflect the same color scheme and design as the e-mail, so it feels a little incohesive when you arrive on the page.

  • Matt Helbig

    We are always on the hunt for good financial and webinar examples! For me, this one broke the normal layout a bit. Since this email might be sent to a B2B audience with tough firewalls, I like that this email doesn’t rely on images to get the message across.

    This campaign is responsive and has bulletproof buttons. Something you usually don’t see with this type of email. There are some shortcomings, but I think the overall layout is a good start!

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