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Accepted Event Email Design from Sunrise

Email Subject

Accepted: lunch (Matt & Matthew) – Friday, May 16 @ 3:30pm

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Incredibly short, no fluff. The email tells you what, when, and who. The important content stands out due to the colours and placement. The contrast against the light grey background works well.

The subject tells you the name of the event and when it’s starting. It’s an update and reminder without having to open the email.

Placing the update to the event—”Matt Ayers is going”—before all the other details make sense, because the goal of this email is to notify you that someone accepted your invitation. The other details are just reminders about the event.

The header and footer get out of the way of the content, but are still visible. The footer explains, very concisely, what the product is—great for getting the word out to potential new users.


It’s not clear from the subject who accepted. Was it Matt or Matthew? This would be even more confusing if there were multiple invitations.

Where is the event? I’m not sure if this information was supplied and not included, or it’s just never shown. But it sure is important.

The lunch symbol looks a bit dangerous. An X in a red circle doesn’t tell me “lunch”, especially if I were to glance at it. A standing knife and fork on their own would work much better. The icon is also much larger than the clock and people icons, and doesn’t align well with its line.

“Matt Ayers is going.” contains the only period in the email. Remove it to be consistent with the rest of the content.

It’s difficult to tell who invited who. Based on the acceptance notification, you would think Matthew invited Matt. But the footer says that Matt is using Sunrise, which implies that he’s the one that created the event on the calendar and therefore invited Matthew. Confusing!

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