GBP 2-in-1 Men
The 2-in-1 Series™ is based on the idea of transition and the need to adapt to the often unpredictable weather of the changing seasons. Inspiration comes from utility garments, constructed in separate layers of shells and detachable liners that can be combined to suit different weather.
The series contains two groups of outerwear garments – one of water-repellent outer layers made from a Japanese high-density poly-nylon blend, the other of insulating liner jackets and vests, padded with Thermore® Ecodown®.
Both layers are constructed as complete individual garments and can be worn separately. But they are specifically designed to fit into each other and may be combined freely within the series. Zipped into a coat or jacket and snapped at the neck, the liner combines with the light outer layer to become a fully padded winter coat. The system is fixed, so that new and old garments from different seasons will always fit together.