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The Quiet Leaf is Skate's Tranquil Lens
Jin Yob Kim's beautiful, Seoul-based skate magazine is the fresh gaze that the world of skateboarding needs. We spoke to him to find out more
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The New York Times Has Just Launched an Ad Campaign Focusing on Truth
The NY Times' campaign focusing on truth in the media launched last night. And it's riling Trump already
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Twitter Making You Mad? There's An App For That
New app Trigger lets you donate to charity every time you see a tweet that makes your blood boil
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Tokyo Planetarium Brings Princess Mononoke's Forest to the City
Konica Minolta Planetarium has recreated Japan's ancient Yakushima forest as part of its specialised relaxation programme
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Students Build a Community Centre For Mannheim's Refugee Camp
The project shows how creativity can be an excellent tool for integration
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The Raf Simons Guide to Transforming a Brand
By changing the brand's logo, creating a timely partnership, and embracing transparency, Raf Simons has put Calvin Klein back on the fashion industry's radar
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Who Can You Trust in a Post-Truth World?
With the proliferation of misinformation, scandals and fake news, we have become more aware of the value of truth and trust. And that can be a good thing
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Our Greatest Peril? Screening Ourselves Off From Reality
Immersed in life online like the followers of 4chan or PewDiePie, we start to imagine that nothing matters - even racism, misogyny and resurgent fascism
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The Future of Shopping is More Discrimination
With tech advancements meaning an increase in customer profiling, shopping looks set to become more discriminatory
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