An invitation ahead of Todoist pricing changes
Save 25% on Todoist’s new Premium plan.
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Hi Smiles Davis,
It’s wonderful to see you’re making use of Todoist’s Free plan – we’re grateful to have you on board!
We’d like to take this opportunity let you know that on December 1st, 2018, Todoist’s Premium plan will change from $29/year to $3/month billed annually. We'll also increase the project limit from 200 to 300 projects. This is our first step towards simplifying our pricing (more details here).
As someone who’s already using Todoist, we wanted to give you notice of this change and extend a special offer:
Lock in the reduced price of $29/year by upgrading to Todoist Premium before December 1st, 2018. You’ll keep this reduced price for as long as you remain a Todoist customer.
Save 25% on Todoist Premium →
For the price of one cappuccino per month, you’ll get access to all of Todoist’s most advanced features like reminders, comments, labels, filters, templates and more. See the full range of Premium features here.
Thank you again for using Todoist, mtthlbg. If our Free plan is perfect for your needs, please don’t feel pressured by this email. It makes us happy simply knowing that our product is useful to you 😊
All the best,
Amir (@amix3k) and the Doist team

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