BAO Mini Paper - Issue 7
October 2017
From the 3rd of October we're launching our new menu at Fitz, which includes some new Xiao Chi (drinking snacks) and a larger selection of sharing dishes. Of course the Bao's are here to stay but with a new addition...introducing the Fried Oyster Mini BAO w/ Fermented Greens Tartare Sauce. Our larger sharing dishes also have some great highlights to try such as, XO Cornish Mussels & Isle of Mull Langoustine and Lamb Brain w/ Sichuan Hot Pot.

Plus don't forget to start your meal with an aperitif of Spiced Umeshu...

The sleek and clean design from Tokyo Bike has been one we’ve always admired and being local neighbours, we decided to join forces and collaborate to make our very own bespoke BAO X Tokyo Bike.

The idea behind the bike was to have something that could be used easily to transport our buns from the bakery in Fitzrovia to our sister site in Soho.

You'll be able to find it parked outside on the railings at BAO Fitzrovia and riding around the cobbled streets of Soho - Catch us if you can!
We have launched our new website where you can:

1. Admire Doug John Miller illustrations

2. Read and explore our menus

3. Book a table at BAO Fitzrovia

4. Buy a Rockstar T-shirt

5. Plan a BAO party

6. Apply to work for us

7. Keep up to date with the latest news
Sam Johnson has been at BAO Soho for nearly two years and is one of our master bun chefs. 

Along with some brief appearances at Netil Market on Saturdays, he has become Soho's bun master, excelling in accuracy, speed and quality.
Our sister restaurant, XU has two private Mahjong rooms, which are available to hire for dining, drinking and play. Located on the ground floor of the restaurant, hidden behind velvet curtains, both rooms seat up to 4 guests. Mahogany panelling with hand painted murals depicting a mountain scene and marble chandeliers make the rooms a unique experience.

Available to hire for £75 per person, which includes three hours hire of the room, playtime and the Mahjong feasting menu, showcasing a selection of XU’s most popular dishes and exclusive off menu dishes such as the Lobster w/ Aged White Soy & Garlic and Taro Dumplings w/ Caviar.

Keep a look out on our social for our exclusive Mahjong pro sessions coming up soon as well, where you can either learn from or challenge an expert...