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You're all geared up for High Sierra.
The new macOS High Sierra is finally here and, of course, your Gemini 2 is ready for it! We’ve fine-tuned it to the new ways of macOS, so go ahead and download the latest Gemini 2 here. Oh, and don't forget to run a good duplicate scan, because you’ll need at least 8GB of space for the new macOS.
Just one thing missing: CleanMyMac 3.
This fall, give your Mac a clean start: before installing the new system, run a cleanup and a maintenance check with CleanMyMac 3. It helps you remove loads of clutter, weed out useless old apps, and fix minor hiccups. CleanMyMac is our rockstar app, and as a Gemini 2 user, you get it at a special price.
Get CleanMyMac at 30% Off
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