September Home Report
This month, we’re about witches, ghosts and goblins.
Since October 2011, Nesters have saved
kWh of energy.
That’s enough energy to power electric bikes for every 8‑ to 14‑year‑old in the world for 867 miles on Halloween. Learn more >
Energy savings are an estimate, not a guarantee that you will save energy.
Energy summary as of September 30
We're looking at info from 3 Nest Thermostats: Basement, Entryway, Upstairs.
Here's how you did:
This month you used 196 less hours than last month. -196
Tell your friends how much energy you're saving.
Why did your energy use change?
We look at a lot of reasons your energy use can change — from weather to your Eco Temperatures — and these are the ones that made the biggest difference this month.

They add up to ‑200 hours of energy use. The difference of +4 hours was caused by other factors. Learn more >
-212 hrs
Cooler weather helped you save.
+23 hrs
Your schedule was less efficient this month.
-11 hrs
September had fewer days than August.
A look at your Leafs:
You get a Leaf when you choose an energy‑efficient temperature. This month, the average Nest Thermostat owner in your area earned 6 Leafs. Here’s how you did:
In September you earned:
Nest Leafs
5 fewer than August
In September you're in the top:
of Nesters
in your area
This year you've earned:
Nest Leafs  
Let your friends know how many Leafs you earned.
Nest Cam Quarterly
Zoom with a view.
Use the Nest app to zoom in on something specific in your Nest Cam’s view – like a face or a license plate. Then enhance the image for a sharper picture. Learn more >
Video of the month.
Every day we get a number of video submissions from our Nest Cam users. Check out our top pick for the month.
Hitchcock’s Nest Cam.
“I was sitting at work and got a motion alert on my phone. I pulled up the clip on my phone and thought, ‘Whoa, this is super creepy!’ I showed it to a few people who thought it looked like Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds.’”
– Mike B.
Send us your best clip. And you could get a free year of Nest Aware >
Intruders, beware.
The Nest Secure alarm system is tough on bad guys and easy on you. And the Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera stays on the lookout and can help deter intruders. From now on, this is security.
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In other news:
Home/Away Assist and your Nest.
Set your Nest products to do different things when you’re home or away. Learn more >
Extra layers of security.
Lights, switches and shades that work with Nest can help deter intruders. Learn more >
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