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A funny thing has happened on the way to print's funeral. Magazines have evolved and keep on ticking in a digital age. 
Sure, mass market pubs have suffered, but digital media has created a new space for indie mags to grow and thrive over the past decade, reports Madeleine Morley. This week she explores the digital versus print content battle and realizes that the yin and yang of digital and print actually compliment one another in a co-dependent relationship. Amid the sweeping statements that print is dead, Morley offers a deeply reported, thoughtful counterpoint worth the read.  
Print Ain't Dead!
Magazines have recently been pitted against all things digital in a bloody battle to the death. But, as Madeleine Morley discovers, the reality isn't a zero sum contest. Here's how designers have embraced technology to usher an old school craft into its next chapter.
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Floyd Norman: It's Not Over Until You Say So
Disney's first African-American animator is still creating at age 81.
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A Brief History of the Pencil
As told by a pencil aficionado.
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Call us biased, but we make a good-looking magazine.
And so it's time to give our publication its due, which is why we've redesigned its webpage. We now showcase all of the back issues since our 2016 brand refresh, as well as offer visual tours of each issue. We've begun this newsletter waving the flag for the print and that's also where we'll end it. Enjoy!
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