[Product Update] New for the Holidays: Gift Subscriptions & Fraud Management
Increase Your Sales and Safeguard Your Profits The holiday season is a time of year when many businesses discover the joys of the season—and the season’s increased sales bring additional good cheer. Recurly is excited to announce two new tools to help our customers both increase sales and safeguard their profits, just in time for the holidays:
  • Gift subscriptions, now including gift cards
  • Integrated fraud management
These features will be available to customers on our Professional and Enterprise plans. Please contact Customer Support for pricing questions.

New marketing opportunities with gift cards

Recurly gift subscriptions let your greatest fans share their love for your subscription product or service by giving gift cards or gift plans, helping you gain new customers cost-effectively. Our new gift card functionality is flexible and feature-rich, with automated aspects such as notification and reminder emails that make implementing a gift card program straightforward and easy. Have a lot of gifts to send? Recurly now allows multiple shipping addresses to be associated with a single account, meaning no one gets left out.

Foil the fraudsters, keep your profits

Fraudsters come out in force during the holidays to steal from you using ever more ingenious ploys. Fight back with Recurly Fraud Management! This new integrated solution, powered by Kount, has ‘set and forget’ configurations that automatically deny suspicious transactions based on the settings you’ve chosen and how aggressive or lenient you want to be. Our solution also reduces chargebacks and fraudulent account creation, and it can decline transactions from high-risk countries or based on velocity (multiple attempts in a short time). Eliminating manual reviews means that you have more time to spend on your business and the things that help generate revenue.
New live training webinars

We’ll be conducting online webinars to train customers on how to get the most from these features. Information about these webinars is as follows. Follow the link to sign up!
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To find out more about how to begin using our gift subscription and fraud management features, please contact our Support Team at support@recurly.com. 

Thank you,
The Recurly Team