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Hi, Smiles Davis!

We've been quietly working on some big updates on Product Hunt and want to give you a first look before the new product pages are live for everyone tomorrow, August 29.

You'll see we added a bunch of new features, including:

  • Badges 🏆
  • Descriptions ✏️
  • Reviews 😻
  • Around the Web 🔗
  • Jobs ✌️
  • Social Links 🐤

Our goal is to present your product in the best way possible, to create a community-powered database of the best products (more on this later in the year). To see your new product page, ensure you're logged in and click the big, red button:

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What's new

Here's a breakdown of what we added and how it all works.  First, take a peek at Not Hotdog's shiny new product page.

1. Badges 🏆

You'll begin to notice badges on various products pages, highlighting its popularity and past achievements.  We're starting with most upvoted products of the day, week, and month and Golden Kitty Award(tm) winners.

Examples: Not Hotdog was #3 for May 2017, Stripe Atlas was #1 for April 6 2017, Polymail was #1 for December 2015.

2. Description ✏️

We're adding descriptions to help the community understand what your product does, who it's for, and how it works.

Examples: FullStory is a tool that captures your site visitors behavior, Spoonbill is an email digest of Twitter bio changes.

3. Reviews 😀

Upvotes are a simple, powerful method of curation; a way for the community to demonstrate interest in a new product. However, upvotes don't necessarily represent the “quality” of a product nor is it a fair metric when comparing products.

After lots of testing, we're introducing Reviews to empower the Product Hunt community to share their opinion (positive, neutral, or negative) on various products. Please don't review your own product. 😉

Examples: Honey reviewed by myself, GIPHY Says reviewed by Ben, Principle reviewed by Julie.

4. Around the Web 🔗

We often see people link to news articles, reviews, funding announcements, blog posts, and other web links on the internet within the comments. Now you can add these links in a dedicated “Around the Web” section to provide more context and give everyone a place to learn more about your product.

Examples: Sticky AI from the makers of Prisma appeared in The Verge, AirPods were rated by Wirecutter as the best wireless headphones

5. Jobs ✌️

Often the best time to recruit is on launch day. Now you can promote open jobs on your product page by simply adding their AngelList company profile.

Example: Scale (YC S16) is hiring engineers

6. Social Links 🐤

Let people know where else to find you. Add a link to AngelList, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Github, or MySpace (j/k).

Update Really Good Emails

PHEW! That was a long update!

As I mentioned above, your account is currently whitelisted to preview these updates now. Tomorrow, everyone will see your new product page so we encourage every maker to update their page as they see fit. Add a brief description, links to your social accounts, articles about your product, and job openings you might have available.

As always, eager to get your feedback. Feel free to reply to this email with your thoughts or questions. 🙏

– Ryan and the Product Hunt Team

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