Summer Vacations in the Fall
Plus: Springsteen on Broadway, Wall Street's best-kept secret, and more.
Five stories to read this weekend,
chosen by our editors.
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Why You Should Take Your Summer Vacation This Fall

From bird watching in Bhutan to Oaxaca's Day of the Dead festival, here's where to go in the off-season when crowds are sparse and the deals are not.

National Geographic
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Diary of a Concussion

A journalist who had written about concussions in NFL players experienced one herself after a bike accident. In this first-person account, she talks about how it changed her in ways she never could have anticipated: "It was kind of like my personality was a set of piano keys and someone had sliced off all the notes you'd ordinarily play with your left hand."

The Verge
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Wall Street's Best-Kept Secret

A 72-year-old Russian chess expert is a sought after tutor by Goldman Sachs execs and hedge fund managers alike. "Traders are basically doing the same things as chess ­grandmasters," explains Lev Alburt. "You have to make quick decisions in by definition uncertain circumstances."

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Springsteen on Broadway

Rock and roll's greatest storyteller presents a one-man show that is part concert, part theater, part...something else entirely. The Boss talks about his "first real job" in years: performing five nights a week, for the next five months.

The New York Times
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What It's Like to Be Young and Female in Saudi Arabia

Twelve women reveal what daily life is like in one of the "least-free" countries in the world: "In Saudi Arabia most things are prohibited, but we have 'the life underground.'"

The Cut
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