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The money issue
To the family of Smiles Davis,
Making smart financial decisions may not be the most exciting thing your student learns at Arizona State University, but it is one of the most practical and important life skills she/he will gain. Planning ahead now for spending money and budgeting are ways you can help your daughter/son have a smooth transition into life as a Sun Devil. Here are a few things to consider:
  • Will your student have a checking account here in the area? Most major banks, area credit unions and local banks have branches and ATMs near or on our campuses. And if your student decides to use the Pitchfork ID MasterCard® option, she/he will have everything all on one card, with ATMs on campus. (More about this later.)
  • Will your student need to have a job during the semester? Students can gain valuable experience working on campus during the school year in student employment positions. However, ASU recommends that students who do work commit to no more than 20 hours per week. Check out student employment opportunities.
  • Is your student money savvy? ASU offers resources about money basics, budgeting, establishing good credit and more through iGrad.
  • What should your student do if she/he is running low on funds or Maroon and Gold Dollars? If your student is getting short on funds too soon in the semester, she/he should contact you, and make an appointment with a financial aid representative to review her/his student budget and determine necessary expenses. You can easily refill M&G online.
Sun Devil ID cards
Students can choose between two different Sun Devil ID card options. The Pitchfork ID MasterCard® Check Card is an all-in-one student ID, MasterCard® check card and building access card. Students receive this card when they open an official Sun Devil checking account through MidFirst Bank.

Or, students can opt for the basic Sun Card. This option still gives students access to buildings, meal plans and M&G, and it works as a student ID for exams and advising, but it is not a check card. With either card, there are places in town where students can receive discounts just by showing their ASU ID. Learn more at ASU Sun Devil Card Services.
Does your student need help paying for college?
There’s still time for to file her/his Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Financial aid can significantly help reduce out-of-pocket costs, and it takes only 30 minutes or less to complete the FAFSA. Get started by going to
Tuition and financial aid deadlines
Once has applied for financial aid, she/he should go to My ASU to ensure all Priority Tasks in the Finances tab are completed. She/He can also take action on any offered awards. All accepted aid will be automatically applied to your student’s tuition, housing, meal plan and other ASU charges. If all of the charges are covered and there is aid left over, your student will receive the remainder by check or direct deposit. (We recommend setting up direct deposit through My ASU to speed up the process. Learn more about direct deposit.)

If students have remaining fees after the payment deadline, they are automatically enrolled in the ASU Payment Plan. This is a three-installment payment plan that includes a nonrefundable enrollment fee.
Parent PLUS loans
If you plan to take out a Federal Direct PLUS loan for parents, you must do so through your My ASU Parent Guest Access. Make sure you start the process of applying at least a month before tuition is due. The PLUS loan amount you accept is applied directly to your student’s account. These funds do not transfer to the next academic year. Any funds that remain after the charges have been paid will be sent to the student either by check through the mail or by direct deposit to the student’s personal account. Read more information about the Parent PLUS loan.
Next steps for you and your Sun Devil
June 29 Summer Session B starts
June – July Attend a Sun Devil Send-Off in your area
July 4 Independence Day (university closed)
Aug. 17 Fall classes begin
Aug. 25 Tuition fee payment deadline

Find other important dates in the Academic Calendar, and keep up with the latest Sun Devil Family Association events and activities.

Let us know when you have questions
At ASU, we are dedicated to our Sun Devil families. If you have trouble finding the answer to a question or just the right person to talk to, let us know. You can always contact your student’s personal admission representative, , at .

And if you have any ideas or topics you want us to cover in upcoming ASU Family Updates, please email
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