Featuring why we built a MailChimp integration, tackling the tricky topic of employee feedback, treating your audience to a brand you believe in, and strategic co-marketing for the win...
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Why we built a MailChimp integration

Whizzing data directly between apps makes jobs-to-be-done oh-so easy. So when it came to building our first native integration with MailChimp, we wanted to get it right. Take a behind the scenes look at how we did it—from prototype to up and running product.

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Creating a culture of continuous employee feedback

When your team triples in size in one year, it's hard to maintain a natural feedback loop. The key to keeping people motivated? Extended evaluation. Here are 10 ways we tackle this tricky topic here at Typeform.

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Inside Autopilot's partner marketing strategy

Thanks to big name partnerships, Autopilot grew from 0 to 2,500 customers in just two years. Pretty, pretty good. Here's how strategic co-marketing efforts can help power up your product, and keep customers happy.

Make new friends

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Reflect your truth: an interview with brand marketer Tim Smalley

Look beyond a logo to build a brand you believe in, and you'll attract an audience of passionate people that it resonates with. We talk honest branding and the power of experiences with product marketing consultant and business mentor, Tim Smalley.

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