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Even if 2018 is already a couple of days old, we’re hereby wishing all Ulysses users and readers of this newsletter a happy and healthy year!

New Year’s Resolution: Become a Better Writer/Writing App

Even if 2018 is already a couple of days old, we’re hereby wishing all Ulysses users and readers of this newsletter a happy and healthy year! Good luck with achieving the goals you’ve set yourself. In case any of them is related to writing, we hope you’ll find a supportive companion in Ulysses! Our own new year’s resolution is the same as last year and the one before: Make Ulysses a better writing app.

Enjoy reading, and enjoy writing!


In December, we released Ulysses 12.2 with well over 100 improvements and bug fixes, mostly ironing out smaller annoyances, or slightly tuning existing features. Most of you probably didn’t notice a thing – because you never experienced any of the problems we have solved, or you never use the features we improved, or because the change is so minimal that you just wouldn’t notice. As we nevertheless spent a huge amount of time on all these tiny fixes, we’ve decided to take the opportunity and give you a small behind-the-scenes-look: We walk you through five of the recent changes, which small subset of users they affected, and what it took to actually fix each issue in order to improve Ulysses for this particular group of users. Read more….

Do You Write?

Ashley Warren’s world is about writing. As a content and research strategist, she composes blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, and white papers. As a creative writer, she lets mostly female protagonists embark to fantastic adventures in imaginary worlds. In our interview, she talks about how she got into writing, self-publishing, as well as her routines and workflows. Read more…

“My favorite feature is hands-down the word goal.
I like seeing how close I am to my target word count without it being an intrusive counter.”

Ashley Warren

Tips & Tricks

“This dialogue seems artificial.” – “Is it probable to die from a rattlesnake’s bite?” – Sometimes you will want to add related comments and thoughts to the texts you are writing or editing. In Ulysses, there are several ways to do this. In this article, we introduce comments and Co. and give some inspiration on how to make use of them in a writers’ workflow. Read more…

MacStories App of the Year 2017

MacStories, by Federico Viticci & Friends, is one of the leading publications of the Apple-related scene and a great resource for finding high-quality productivity software. We love their uncompromising, opinionated approach, and are honored to be named as their App of the Year, both for iOS and for Mac!

We’ve quoted their verdicts below, and highly recommend the articles for those who want to know what else is hot in the world of apps.

“I’ve spent hundreds of hours writing in Ulysses this year. The app is a superb reinvention of Markdown for the modern age of iOS text editing, which enhances the writing experience with features such as inline link and footnote editors, smart paste, glued sheets, and filters. Ulysses is more than a plain text editor: it's a professional writing suite based on plain text and integrated with other iOS apps through automation, drag and drop, and extensions.

Ulysses has defined the past year of writing at MacStories: there's nothing else like it on iOS, and its developers have adopted a business model that allows them to continuously improve, fix, and innovate.

Ulysses represents the modern pro app for iOS and, without hesitation, it is my App of the Year.”

Federico Viticci, “My Must-Have iOS Apps, 2017 Edition”

“There’s no single app I use more than Ulysses. Despite a few eccentricities, the app handles the entire writing process with a simple, elegant design that belies the sophistication that underlies it. I especially like how Ulysses handles Markdown, its ability to hide distracting UI chrome from view, and the WordPress integration.”

John Vorhees, “My Must-Have Mac Apps, 2017 Edition”