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Ticket types explained – once and for all!!
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What's your ticket type?
You know what they say, there’s someone a ticket out there for everyone. So have a swipe and find your match. Our suitors’ full bios are below – just in case you want to know a bit more about them. Dating Choosing tickets has never been so easy.
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Advance Ticket
I love a bit of organised fun, and I’m a VERY cheap date. This makes me rather popular so check your calendar and make sure you book me early to guarantee the cheapest date you’ll ever have – and a seat to cosy up on! Just be warned that I believe in commitment, so no changing your mind with me.

If flexibility turns you on – I’m the one. Any time, anywhere, I’m ready. No need to tie yourself down with me. If we decide to stay for an extra drink, hell an extra night... we can. Now I don’t come cheap, but if you change your mind you can change me, or even refund me! YOLO.
Anytime Ticket
Off-Peak Ticket
Crowds are for sheep – I like to go my own way and do my own thing, in my own time. No crush hours or business types. Weekends and evenings are my favourite. Stress-free and easy. That’s me. And if you’re a bit late or miss our date, who cares, I’ll still let you hop on next time. ;-)
That’s right, I’m SUPER. Super fast, super relaxed, and super keen on saving money. Avoiding busy times and big prices. Essentially, I’m perfect. BUT, I only go on dates in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and London. So if you’d like to go elsewhere, swipe left!! Super Off-Peak Ticket
Cheat Sheet
No one likes a cheat. Everyone likes a cheat sheet.
We’ve put together a handy cheat sheet so you can see what the tickets do and don’t do at a glance.
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