Hi Smiles Davis,

Trello Gold is more than just a subscription fee to us. It's about Trello users like you who support us every day. (That's why you get that golden crown on your profile picture - you're royalty!)

So, we'd really hate to see you go. Your Trello Gold membership will expire on 4/28/2017. If you decide to let it expire, you will not be billed and you'll still have access to all of your boards and data.

If you would like to keep your Trello Gold membership, you can either invite people to use Trello and earn Trello Gold credits or start paying for Trello Gold.

Invite People


Pay for Trello Gold

Trello Gold gives you:

  • Larger attachments (250 MB instead of 10 MB)
  • Custom board backgrounds (your board means your style)
  • Stickers (premium sticker packs & the ability to upload your own designs)
  • Custom emoji (because sometimes emoji speak louder than words)

Have a request, question or musing? Email us back. We would love to work with you on making Trello as useful as possible for you.

We hope you have a productive day,

Trello Customer Team

P.S. By paying for Trello features, you can build workflows that are customized with other tools you use. See what's possible with our full list of Power-Ups here:

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