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Sometimes all you need for an email is a little creative thinking. There’s not much to this email, but it’s hilarious because of the puppy. Retention of your customers is critical and a good emotional email is a strong way to keep them in the loop of your product.

Commentary from Teespring:
Well, it has a puppy. So that’s one thing. But the real success of this email (part of a reactivation campaign for inactive users) is the fact that it’s personalized. Like a snowflake or the socks in most people’s drawers, no two emails are the same.

For some context, Teespring is a platform that allows people to buy and sell custom apparel. We produce and ship the apparel, but don’t create the design or market the product ourselves – for that, we rely on sellers. So, safe to say that our success is based on the success of our sellers – and we want to keep them active!

Sometimes they leave us for a while, though (31 days, in the case of this email). So, the idea of reactivation campaign was born. We tried more than half a dozen variations of this email, but one thing was clear – people loved hearing about their data. For us, outlining prior successes to our sellers was a great way of inspiring their future success.

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