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How to Measure Customer Relationships with Survey Forms

Mar 31, 2021

Typeform. Google Forms. Gym form. Collecting feedback can help quantify the customer experience. We need to know if the shirt fits true to size, how well the bread was toasted, and what people loved (or didn’t love) about an event to continuously improve the experience. Surveys measure your relationship with your customers, making the results crucial to growing your company, products, and services.

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How to Incentivize Customers to Return to Your Product with Venmo

Apr 09, 2021

Customer retention and relationships are crucial for any business selling products or services. The best way to grow repeat customers is by creating really good retention emails, encouraging customers to come back and use your product again. In this episode, we dive into how Venmo builds loyalty by incentivizing customers and how you can apply this to your retention strategy.

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