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How to Measure Customer Relationships with Survey Forms

Mar 31, 2021

Typeform. Google Forms. Gym form. Collecting feedback can help quantify the customer experience. We need to know if the shirt fits true to size, how well the bread was toasted, and what people loved (or didn’t love) about an event to continuously improve the experience. Surveys measure your relationship with your customers, making the results crucial to growing your company, products, and services.

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How Updating Welcome Emails Can Improve the Customer Experience with Apartment Guide

May 07, 2021

When your newsletter isn't a top priority for your business, does that mean it isn't worth having one at all? We chatted with Aysha Marie Zouain, a senior email consultant specializing in Salesforce Marketing Cloud at Deloitte Digital, about why it's good to revisit older email strategies from time to time. Just like the housing market, a little remodeling can do wonders for your entire property value (even if all you remodel is your front door).

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