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10 Pop-up Hacks to Grow Your Subscribers & Revenue

Sep 16, 2021

Building your email and SMS subscriber list can seem more like a complex puzzle of deciphering user behavior, A/B testing incentives, and more. It may sound easy enough to get an email or phone number, but it’s daunting to not only build email/SMS lists but ensure it’s valuable. Don’t get hung up on vanity metrics of list size. A big list is great but it’s only as good as its engagement and conversion rates. Similarly, every business wants more revenue, but optimizing the customer journey for higher order values is not always easy.

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Oh my god yall, it’s FRIDAY. Every friday we have a new walk-through or interview of what makes the best of the best—really good.

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Strategizing Pop-Up Designs with Justuno

Jul 16, 2021

There’s a lot more to consider about pop-up designs and strategy, but it all comes back to serving the end-user. One of our mantras at RGE is to build relationships, not lists. We chatted with Olivia Stapp, Customer Success Strategy Manager at Justuno, about some really good pop-up strategies. When thinking about why you want people to give you their information, thinking in this context should guide you better than anything else.

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