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Email Newsletter Design from Squarespace

One of the things you can count on from the Squarespace team is extreme attention to simplicity. You can tell they have said no to more than they’ve said yes to. It’s these constraints that make their emails easy to review, read and feel served by. They also curate the number of emails they send out. I never feel bothered by them. In this case, a newsletter only comes about once a month or so. Infrequent but relevant. Well done.

I’m just not a negative guy. I see nothing wrong here, so why hunt for it. Instead, look at cats.

Broken emails mean lost sales. How does this email look?

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How accessible is this email?

Looks aren’t everything. Does this email follow key accessibility best practices? Our friends at Litmus ran the test.

  • Table roles should be clearly defined. This helps screen readers determine how to interpret the table.

  • Larger paragraphs of text should be left-justified to improve readability for some readers.

  • Email headings should be well structured. This will help screen readers easily navigate content.

  • Specifying "alt text" for these images helps screen readers describe the image.

  • Text to voice recording and transcript for hearing impaired.

  • Without a [lang] attribute, screen readers will assume the email is in the default language the subscriber chose when setting up their screen reader. If your email is not in that user’s language, the screen reader may not accurately transcribe your message.

  • Emails should have a "meta content-type" and defined character set.