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What’s New on Hint: 🍅 & More

On search for your favorite actor, director, writer or producer and see all their movies and shows on your services.

Less Thumbnails, More Info.

On any browse page now switch to "info view" and see all the important details about show or movie at a glance. Rotten Tomatoes score, IMDb, rating, where to stream it and more!

IMDb + Rotten Tomatoes = 💯 

Ever wish you could check everything on Netflix, Hulu, AmazonPrime, HBO and more against IMDb ratings and Rotten Tomatoes scores without any searching or switching? Wish granted.

FFTW! Filters For The Win!

Don't want an algorithm telling you what to watch? Take control over your streaming library with our new filters. Tweak the release date, pick your favorite genre, and get rid of the duds with IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes score filters.