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Request to Like a Page Email from Facebook

Email Subject

A friend wants you to like a Page on Facebook

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The email is short and simple. I can see who invited me, what they invited me to like, and I can like it straight from the email. Since I’m thinking about invites, I can also easily view all my invites.

The primary actions stand out due to their strong background colour.

The branding is consistent with Facebook’s branding. The famous Facebook blue and the thumbs up are used.

More links lead to more clicks, and this email has a ton of links.


The email subject could have been more personalized; “Your friend” would be replaced with your friend’s name. I imagine this would improve open rates, but Facebook should know best if they are running A/B tests.

Some more information about the company (or whatever you’re invited to like) would be useful. For example, a short description, or how many likes they have. Anything to give me more reason to like them.

The placement of the “Like” button seems out of place, it’s very far from the rest of the content. It’s possible that this is a strength, as putting the call to action in its own space makes it stand out more.

The header can be reduced to just the Facebook logo. “Invites from Friends” doesn’t add much value.

The greeting and signature adds more content than is necessary for a notification email. Consider only using them for emails that actually come from the Facebook team (e.g. announcements of new features, or changes to the privacy policy). Though including them does make the email more courteous.

The footer is a bit cluttered. Is it really necessary to indicate who the message was sent to? As the recipient, that should be obvious.

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