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See upcoming features and upvote ideas you'd like to see on RGE.


View live emails instead of screenshots.

Embed live emails on the email-details page, with a mobile/desktop toggle to see the email at different screen sizes.

Profile completion reminder flow.

An easy way to remind users to upload a profile photo, fill out their bio, and start liking/collecting emails on RGE.

Email submission result notifications

We'll send you notifications on RGE when your email is approved or brutally rejected by the RGE team.

Chrome Extension

Launch a new Chrome extension (or bookmarklet) to easily submit emails to RGE when viewing an email in Gmail.

Global activity page

A real-time feed of public activity on RGE. See what's happening right now.

Selected for Work

New DMCA policy page

Add info about what to do if you have copyrighted content on RGE.

In Progress

Roadmap page

Yep, the one you're looking at right now. Roadmap-ception.


We're getting all the great resources from the OG site back on the new site.

A new blog!

We're building a sweet new blog here on reallygoodemails.com with cool features like embedding emails and collections into blog posts.


Changing your password without logging out.

In the past, you had to log out to reset your password. No more!