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This is a great example of keeping it simple. The interface is made as simple as possible by eliminating anything that may potentially confuse the reader.

The language is helpful and personal. It reads like it was written by a human. You’d be surprised how many emails do a poor job at this.

White space is used really well, especially for the call to action in the centre. All attention is drawn to that button. The goal is to reset your password, and this design makes that very obvious.

To better appreciate the design of this password reset email, take a look at this one by eBay.


Critiquing it would take another post. But notice how cluttered and disorganized it is. Granted, eBay is a marketplace and so there are more challenges when designing such an email. Still, there’s lots of room for improvement.


Not many, and the weaknesses that do exist are very minor.

It’s unclear what exactly will happen if you click on the “Reset Password” button. Will it bring you to a page where you get to enter a new password? Will you be emailed a new temporary password?

There’s some inconsistent wording; it mentions resetting and changing the password.

The majority of the sentences start with “If”. It’s too repetitive, mix it up a bit. For example, “If you ignore this message, your password won’t be changed.” can be rewritten as “Your password won’t be changed if you ignore this message”, or “Ignore this message to keep your current password.”

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