3 sleep mistakes too many of us are making


Find out if you’re inadvertently doing them

Tossing and turning at bedtime can be a nightmare. But so can the wrong mix of sleep aids.  Learn which medications are safe to take together—and which aren’t.

Base X Levels: The surprising connection between melatonin and metabolic health

Base partnered with Levels to investigate how the sleep hormone (and popular supplement) melatonin could be impacting your metabolic health. Some research suggests it may all come down to timing of melatonin — specifically, how you space it apart from dinnertime.

How Base works with sleep trackers

While wearable devices like the Oura Ring and Apple Watch can give you useful data — like how much deep sleep you are getting — they fall short when it comes to understanding the “why” behind your metrics. That’s where Base comes in, and why the pairing can be a game-changer. For instance, if you see you’ve been getting less shuteye lately, you can use Base to check your melatonin levels and other biomarkers like cortisol (the stress hormone). Once you know what's really at play, you can take the right steps to get better ZZZs. 

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