5 city guides for your next long weekend away

Hi Smiles Davis,
Long weekends away are the best. You can pack your days with sightseeing, great food and relax whenever you want. Our city guides are perfect for tailoring your trip around the best places to stay and the stuff you want to do, see and eat – especially if you’re being spontaneous and heading off at the last minute.
Copenhagen can excite with its modern, vibrant feel or relax with its casual cosiness. There’s a lot packed into its relatively small space, so let us give you some tips on the best things to do. It can also get cold, so make sure you pick the best months to visit for you.
It's not all coffee culture and the gently flowing waters of the Danube – if you're looking for nightlife, Vienna also offers a thriving music scene, street art and more. We've got loads of articles if you're looking for inspiration, as well as a guide to our favourite neighbourhoods.
Relax on a terrace as the city’s iconic trams rumble by, or climb upwards to explore the charming streets of Bairro Alto’s Old Town. Make sure you take the time to eat like a local too, as Lisbon’s food is rich, distinctive and delicious.
Art, history and romance are the bedrock of Russia’s second city, and its superb museums are among the world’s greatest cultural treasures. As you'd expect, there's a wealth of other culture to explore, so make the most of your time with the city's best points of interest.

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