A look back at our journey together


We’ve come a long way together, Kait, so we built Framer Rewind to celebrate the journey.

We started building Framer back in 2013. Now, it’s a flexible tool for high fidelity prototyping, and it’s used by the best designers in the world…including you.

Framer wouldn’t be what it is today without your help, so we put together a little something to show our appreciation. Thanks for being a part of the journey, Kait.

in Framer Web. That’s roughly the time it would take to choose 33 new typefaces if it takes your designers as long as it does ours.


projects created

All that hard work and dedication really shows. Share the ideas you brought to life on Twitter with #MadeWithFramer for a chance to win an exclusive Framer sticker pack.

January 7, 2020

you joined our community

along with 10 other like-minded pioneers who started prototyping in Framer that day.


tutorials watched

to learn how to swipe, slide, and scroll like a real pro. And you did it all in less time than it would take for 4 virtual design reviews with your dev team.

Thank you so much for coming along for the ride. Check out our timeline to see Framer’s biggest milestones and find your place in our history together.

Framer B.V., Singel 258, 1016AB Amsterdam, Netherlands
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