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Charity Water


A new way of life for Srey.

Srey Krem has lived in the same community in rural Cambodia her entire life. 

For 30 years, she’s relied on unsafe water from local ponds and unprotected sources for cooking, cleaning, and drinking. And like most families here, she and her husband, along with their three kids were often sick.

The Good News

But all of that changed last month when our local partner, Clear Cambodia, arrived at Srey’s home to install a brand new BioSand Filter.

What is a BioSand Filter?

Today, anyone in Srey’s family can pour dirty water into the top of their BioSand Filter and watch clean and clear water come out the bottom. From this day forward, they’ll have as much clean water as they need, and they’ll be healthier than ever before.

Your monthly donation to The Spring is bringing BioSand Filters and a new way of life to families all over rural Cambodia. Thank you for continuing to change lives for women like Srey.