A perfect planet


Join David Attenborough and explore the incredible natural forces that create... A Perfect Planet Join David Attenborough on a journey to discover how incredible forces keep our planet in perfect balance. This is an interactive email Select a natural force below to explore an episode Volcanoes Across the surface of our planet there are 1‌,5‌0‌0 active volcanoes. They are the planet's most destructive force. Sev‌eral ti‌mes in Earth's history volcanic activity has resulted in mass extinctions. Yet, without them life on Earth would never have begun. They are responsible for our breathable atmosphere, our oceans, they keep our planet stable and warm. We can't control them, but they're vital for all living things. Watch now The Sun The seasonal shift in the sun's power across the Earth means that in some places wildlife have to adapt to survive in the most extreme of environments. Through close-up, personal stories of beguiling animal characters - in areas of the globe where the sun's energy is most pronounced - this episode reveals how wildlife survives these an‌nual changes in sunlight. Watch now Weather Some regions experience extreme amounts of rain all ye‌ar round, some just a few mil‌limetres. Uneven distribution of global freshwater has given rise to an incredible diversity of species and habitats. Weather patterns are becoming harder to predict in the face of our rapidly changing climate, where many animals are now struggling to survive. Watch now Oceans Oceans are home to as much as 8‌0% of all life on Earth. They would cease to exist were it not for o‌n‌e simple factor: a global network of powerful currents. Without this constant mixing from currents, tides and waves, our oceans would stop supporting marine life - and a healthy ocean is vital to a healthy planet. Watch now Humans Humans are changing our planet so rapidly, it's affecting Earth's life support systems: our weather, our oceans and the living world. Through compelling animal-led stories and expert interviews, we discover how this human-produced CO‌2 is destabilising life on Earth. Watch now Full series available now on BBC iPlayer in Ultra HD Watch all episodes

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