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A public company invested in the public good

For once,
the good thing,
the right thing,
the business thing,
can be the same thing
As Lyft goes public today, we'd like to thank you and everyone who has helped us get here. We'd especially like to recognize our drivers — you bring our mission and our values to life. Thank you.
Our commitment to Lyft's driver community
As part of today's IPO, we're granting cash bonuses to our most dedicated drivers to thank them for their help and service to their cities. These bonuses can be used to purchase shares of Lyft stock.
And for our broader driver community, we recently announced Lyft Driver Services, a new set of initiatives that includes free banking services, flexible car rentals, and stress free repairs & maintenance.
Our commitment to local communities
Since 2012, we've partnered with hundreds of local communities to provide relief rides during natural disasters, rides to communities facing obstacles in exercising their right to vote, and carbon offsets that make all Lyft rides carbon neutral.
As part of today's milestone, we're committing a minimum of $50 million a year or 1% of profits (whichever is greater) to continue improving city life through grassroots transportation initiatives in these three areas:
  1. Provide transportation to those who need it most
  2. Develop transportation infrastructure in underserved areas
  3. Create a clean energy future for our cities
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