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An especially sudsy announcement

Bring on the Bubbles
If you’ve been wondering when Body Wash and Bar Soap would finally arrive in Canada, well, we have an answer for you. And that answer is… right now. Both formulas smell good, get sudsy, and are gentle on your skin. We could say more, but we only have so much room.
A satisfying shower starts with a rich lather. Our products instantly bubble up, frothily—even though they’re sulfate-free. The full, creamy lather feels good on your skin, and the scents take you places. Faraway places.
You would think clean is clean, but some other washes can dry your skin. Ours contain gentle ingredients that leave your skin feeling soft and smooth long after your shower. We call this a balanced clean.
Our three invigorating scents—Fig, Shiso, and Stone—are the perfect way to kick-start (or wash off) your day.