An update on our giving model from our founders

Hello there.
At Harry’s, we try to do good by our customers, and the community more broadly. As part of that effort we set aside 1% of sales for charitable organizations. Now, almost five years since we started the company (!) we wanted to provide a quick update on how that’s going.
As we evolve and grow, we’ve taken steps to ensure that the organizations we’re supporting are aligned with our ambition to amplify the ongoing cultural conversation around what it means to be a man.
We know that society often puts lots of pressure on guys to act a certain way, imposing false limitations and expectations. We are committed to working with organizations that have a positive impact on the lives of men everywhere and which are evolving the conversation on what it means to be a “good man” today. We believe there is more than one way to be a good man and the partners we have chosen to work with do too.
We’re just getting going, and we’re very grateful that you’re along for the ride. By supporting us, you’re also supporting our partners and with your help, we’re only going to make more of a difference.
Thank you,
Andy Katz-Mayfield & Jeff Raider
Harry’s Co-Founders