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Awesome projects lead to authentic relationships

Heather Meeker, a specialist in intellectual property licensing, provides a general understanding of the basics of intellectual property law—a crash course that many of creatives never received, or even thought about.

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Illustration by Jeffrey Phillips 

We're Shipping Something BIG!

For the past 9.5 years CreativeMornings has been changing the way the creative world connects with one another.

Our monthly events are filled with big-hearted humans who are collectively raising the bar on what it means to be creative.

Today, we are taking the first step in translating our face-to-face community values to an online network. And we could not be MORE EXCITED!

Meet the CreativeGuild!

Pep Talks For the Soul

In this CreativeMornings/SanFrancisco talk, Christina Amini talks about how authentic relationships lead to awesome projects and how awesome projects can bring us deeper into our relationships.

There are 5,000+ talks in the archives.
Photo credit: Monica Semerguiu

Quotes are the warm-up before the leap. Stretch yourself out here.

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Cool jobs to apply for:

Thoughtbot is hiring a Design Director in San Francisco.

Automattic is hiring a Product Designer to work remotely.

Instrument is hiring a Junior Designer in Portland.

HelpScout is hiring a Content Strategist to work remotely.

Connelly Partners is hiring a Copywriter in Boston.

Drops is hiring a Mobile Product Designer to work remotely.

Genius is looking for multiple summer interns in Brooklyn, NY.

Hiring? Looking for work? Visit the CreativeGuild, our global directory of creative companies and jobs.

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