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I’m not that kind of newsletter.

Smiles Davis,
We are delighted to have finally unleashed our monthly magazine. It came to life with the immense involvement of our crew and the essential feedback received from people we’ve connected.

We are extremely honored you have shown your interest in what we do and this edition is here to demonstrate that we are fully on towards accomplishing our mission.

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We made it!

June has proven utterly intense. With two events on our agenda we made it through.

First came the Startup Grind Europe Conference in London where we have proudly exhibited. Special thanks to for sponsoring our participation.

The second came the PIRATE Summit in Cologne where meaningful connections were made and reached the competition final. Out of 60 pitching startups, we were selected among top 8.

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Our distributed edge network is currently online and operating. We have successfully connected a limited set of personal computers that execute automated business tasks. Since launching it six months ago, we’ve processed more than 15 million web pages.

If the exact same task would have been manually done, at only 30 seconds per web page, we’ve saved our customers no less than 14 years in manual labour.

How much would really cost to hire someone do repetitive web browsing tasks for 14 years?

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— discover. configure. automate.

We are actively developing our to let as many businesses as possible discover workflows that can be automated.


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