Defeat the Warlock of Outlook Mountain.


Welcome #emailgeek! Adventure awaits! The land of Emailia is a dangerous one, full of choice and consequence. Can you aid our intrepid hero, and help him navigate his way through the realm to defeat the Evil Warlock of Outlook mountain? Start game Your quest begins in the humble town of Tableton. Two rowd's stand before you (pun intended). The first leads to the Forest of Div, a dark and foreboding forest where many an adventurer has met his fate. The second path meanders you past the river of Teadee Go left to the Forest of Div No, go right along the river of Teadee You return victorious from Outlook Mountain. The dark presence that once overshadowed the land of emailia has now been lifted and the grateful town of Tableton celebrate your name. Feel good #emailgeek, a good deed has been done Call the Herald, send out the pigeons. The Warlock has perished, long live the interactive email! From out of nowhere you're set upon by an escaped "Schrodinger" who has taken sudden offence to your existence... do you: ATTACK!! RUN AWAY! You charge at the furry menace only to see it ready it's special "mailblast" attack. you have only seconds to react... do you: Dodge the oncoming blast by jumping into the undergrowth. Block the attack with your shield of anti-spam. You attempt to dodge the blast but it is simply too huge... you are shredded into a thousand pieces. Mail the pieces of your corpse back to the castle. You successfully reflect the attack back onto the surprised feline. The blast vapourises the creature in a puff of smoke... all is suddenly quiet in the forest. Bask in your awesomeness for a moment, then carry on your journey. You come to a small cottage on the edge of the river, a bearded man with a pointy hat stands in your way shouting "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!" do you: Greetings old man... I am on an important quest, please step aside. *shrug* and head back the other way. "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!" he says again... "Unless you answer me these riddles three"... Force your way past the old git "Ask me your first question old man" Doomed to run from place to place Ever chasing, ever chased And though I'm always travelling I rarely change the place I'm in The wind A river This thing all things devours: Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel; Grinds hard stones to meal; Slays king, ruins town, And beats high mountain down. Time Space Whoever makes it tells it not. Whoever takes it knows it not. Whoever knows it, wants it not. What am I?. Money Poison "YOU SHALL PASS!!" You cautiously walk past the old man to carry on your journey.... however you cant shake the feeling you've seen him somewhere before. "EXPECTO TRANSFORMUS" – A mystical force hits you fully in the <body>. You are knocked unconscious and thrown backwards by the blast URRGGGHH... You enter the dimly lit dungeon, the smell of stale air assaults your sense's. From out of nowhere, a man appears before..."Greetings adventurer" Err...hi!? "Welcome to Outlook dungeon, the penultimate hurdle of your quest. To get to the warlock you must traverse all three levels to reach the mountain summit. but beware, the path will not be easy." Thanks for the heads up... but who are you? Before you receive an answer the man disappears... Carry on along the corridor The corridor abruptly ends, a set of stairs leads upwards. However you notice a large golden chest at the back of the dungeon. Ignore the chest and carry on up the stairs (i'm not here to get rich) Go to open the chest, a little curiosity (and extra loot) never hurt anyone You move towards the chest, suddenly, before you have a chance to react, the chest transforms. You need to react quickly do you: Jump backwards Jump forwards You narrowly miss getting eaten whole. However your path is now blocked by a ravenous Mimic beast. Do you: ATTACK! Search your backpack for help You scrummage in your pack and find only a sealed 1930's twinkie. The beast looms closer do you: Throw the twinkie bar at the beast leap over the beast The Mimic beast swallows the twinkie whole and is suddenly calmer. It settles down, moving back to where it came from. run up the stairs before it changes its mind. The dangerous beast makes short work of you and promptly eats you whole. You discover a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over a thousand years You valiantly leap over the mimic, but your salmon like jump falls short. You fall directly into the waiting maw of the beast. You discover a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over a thousand years. "Hello again adventurer." "How did you get here?" "It matters not, continue on your path and remember the right road is not always the left." Eh? what does that mean? The man disappears again... Continue down the corridor. You carry on down the corridor which starts to become thick with webs, you see the stairs to the next level. However the room appears eerily silent and you cant help the feeling your being watched. Make a quick dash towards the stairs Step cautiously along the corridor Your cautiousness pays off, a large dark shape drops from the ceiling and tries to grab you but you narrowly escape being grabbed. you can now see your assailant, a giant spider looms above you preparing to catch you on its web. Do you: Attack! Dodge the web You draw your sword in time and manage to slice through the web before getting caught. Realising it's attack has failed the spider moves in close enough to attack you with its poisonous bite. Do you: Block the attack Stab the oncoming creature Your sword strike rings true and hits the spider clean across its face. It shrieks in pain and quickly retreats to the darkness above. With the spider gone you move towards the stairs You move swiftly towards the door however from out of nowhere you are grabbed from above by a monstrous spider! You are lifted into the darkness never to be seen again... You try to leap away from the falling web but get stuck in its viscous netting. The Spider quickly secures you with further webbing before grabbing you in it's Jaws. You are lifted into the darkness never to be seen again... You block the attack with your shield but it corrosive venom burns straight through. Defenceless, the spider's jaws clamp onto you and it's poison begins to take effect... You are lifted into the darkness never to be seen again... You arrive in the final room. The strange man from before stands in front of 2 portals, one Red, one blue. He smiles and says "Congratulations adventurer, You have arrived at your final test"... "Go on..." "I am the Dungeon Markster, welcome to the 'Room of the real'. I am here to guide you in the penultimate part of your quest. Two portals stand before you each with a final location but only one will take you to where you need to be." Cavern of the what? Dungeon Who? this makes no sense!! "you are [email protected]#t Crazy..." "I'm trying to free your mind adventurer. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it. You take the wrong portal, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the right portal, you stay in Emailia, and we see how deep the rabbit hole goes. the choice is yours" Take the red portal Take the blue portal A crazy old man stands before you, he announces "Stop adventurer. Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see. "Ask me the questions, bridgekeeper. I'm not afraid." Ignore the crazy old man and set across the bridge "What is your Quest?" "To defeat the Warlock of Outlook Mountain" "World peace" "What is your favourite colour?" "Blue" "Yellow" "What… is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?" "What do you mean? African or European?" "11 miles per hour" "Huh? I... I don't know that." With the old man gone, you're free to cross You are swept up by a mysterious force and unceremoniously catapulted over the edge of the bridge. you plummet into the darkness below. after what seems like days you see a light at the end of the chasm... You arrive at the entrance of Outlook dungeon. Your path is blocked by a massive boulder that not even you could move. You notice 3 glyphs on the floor...maybe these could help... press the left glyph press the centre glyph press the right glyph The glyph glows bright yellow. Two more glyphs remain (if only there was some logic to this...) press the centre glyph press the right glyph The glyph glows bright yellow. Two more glyphs remain (if only there was some logic to this...) press the left glyph press the right glyph The glyph glows bright yellow. Two more glyphs remain (these icons look somewhat familiar...) press the left glyph press the centre glyph Two down one to go, the final glyph is left to press... press the right glyph Two down one to go, the final glyph is left to press... press the left glyph Two down one to go, the final glyph is left to press... press the centre glyph The last glyph turns yellow and You hear the ancient mechanism clunk, then crack. The boulder rolls towards you and you are flattened like a pancake. Your paper thin body get's picked up by a gust of wind and you drift off into the distance. The last glyph turns yellow and You hear the ancient mechanism clunk, then pop. The boulder rolls to the side and off the cliff face. A gloomy tunnel stands before you. Enter the dungeon The terrain becomes less hospitable and you find yourself deep within the 'Owa Swamp'. Your path is blocked by a fallen tree and a large creature seems not to have noticed your presence Move towards the tree stump and try to move it Move towards the creature to get a better look at it You get to the tree stump but despite your best efforts, you cannot move it. The Swamp creature has noticed you and is now opening its mouth and eyeing you hungrily. Attack! Anticipate the beast's next move You get closer to the beast and realise it seems to be some sort of swamp toad. The creature is still not aware of your presence. Make a break for it before it notices you Use the element of surprise... Attack! You charge the Beast, but its too late. Quicker than anticipated it shoots out its long tongue and pulls you towards its open mouth. You speed directly to it's jaws, darkness follows... You successfully Get the drop on the creature but your attack bounces off its tough exoskeleton. The toad turns around, looking at you hungrily. Anticipate the beast's next move Attack again! You easily dodge the monsters outstretched tongue which sails past you and gets caught on the fallen log. By sheer luck, the creature removes the tree from your path. Get clear before the Swamp Toad does You make a break for it but the Toad notices you go and before you can get out of range you are grabbed and pulled backwards. You speed directly to its jaws, darkness follows... You appear in the Warlocks inner sanctum. "Greetings mortal, I have to admit I didn't expect you to get this far. Shame it ends here..." "Not a chance" "You can't win mortal, I am more powerful than you can possibly imagine". The warlock mutters under his breath. Mystical energy blasts towards you. Jump Stay still Duck The Warlock lines up a second attack... Jump Stay still Duck The Warlock lines up a third attack... Jump Stay still Duck You are hit with the full force of the energy bolt. You are instantaneously disintegrated. The remaining ash slowly drifts off into the yonder... "you surprise me mortal, maybe you are a worthy adversary... however, I severely doubt it" The warlock moves forwards and attacks you. Block the attack with your Shield of Anti-spam Meet the warlock head on You block the attack with your shield but the force of the impact shatters the shield and sends you flying backwards. The warlock is swiftly upon you. Draw your sword and attack Dodge the attack You come together with a loud clash. You swiftly duck under his following attack and riposte with your own strike. Swing high Swing low You raise your sword to block the attack but the force is too much. "Foolish mortal, you think you can defy me..." The last thing you see is the Warlocks maniacal face as his attack sends you into darkness... You sidestep the attack, which narrowly misses. An opening appears for you to strike back. Swing high Swing low The warlock laughs and anticipates the attack easily catching your blade in his hand. He summons more magic and blasts you into dust. The remaining ash slowly drifts off into the yonder... The warlock misjudges your attack and your strike rings true, your blade hits the Warlock and sends him back to the darkness once again. The oppressive atmosphere lifts from the area and a stillness descends. Head back to Tableton to spread the good news.

What is this 8-bit adventure?
We love email. Designing email, building email and pushing the limits of what email can do for our clients. That's why we've built this adventure to explore we can bring interactivity straight to the inbox – read more over at Email on Acid.
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Designed, created and developed by Aaron Simmonds at CHS
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