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Discover Your Personal Equilibrium at Sensei

Sensei Story

For The Seattle Times writer Charles Runnette, a flight across the Pacific Ocean marked the beginning of his revitalized wellness journey.
Read his full story here.

After Charles met with his Sensei Guide during his My Intention orientation session, he refined his goals around stress levels, physical health, and sleep habits. With support from comprehensive assessments and health analysis tools, his Guide explained, "The data helps crack the door open, so we can now really identify the areas of focus that can help you."

Throughout his stay, Charles and his Sensei Guide together crafted a balance of wellbeing experiences that supported his overall goals and intentions. "We tried everything from resistance training and balance basics, to deep relaxation and meditation, Tai Chi and yoga." These complimentary small group classes help to strengthen overall wellbeing on each individual's journey.

Physical rejuvenation and renewed emotional connections were just part of what Charles gained from his stay.

"What I took away from the experience: a new recipe for making my life better."

What will your journey look like?