Dovetail product updates – July 2019

Hi there!

We hope you’re having a great week. We’ve released several new features and lots of improvements to make your research life as easy as possible.

Read on for all the details!

Product update

Search is now better than ever

We’ve completely redesigned how search works. Now there’s no need to remember exact project titles, group names, and tag names to filter using a convoluted search syntax. A new interface completely replaces our text-based query language, making it trivial to build complex queries.

User interview

Inside Research – Atlassian

You all know Atlassian! We spoke with Alastair Simpson, who leads part of the design team at Atlassian, to learn more about how they approach design, user research, and talking to their customers.

New feature

Discover insights across projects

Our new Discover feature displays a feed of recently published insights across all projects in the workspace. Insights you haven’t read yet are indicated with a pulsing red dot in the top right of the card.

Product update

New pie chart, treemap, and radar chart

Visualize your research with 24 new, unique combinations of charts with our pie chart, treemap, and radar chart. Get a quick overview of your projects’ tags and highlights and grab some screenshots of beautiful charts for your presentation.

New feature

Multiple boards

Multiple boards introduces another level of hierarchy in projects and gives you a new way to organize your data. Like sheets in a spreadsheet, boards can be rearranged with drag and drop. Available for both Data and Tags.

Product update

Improved navigation

Navigation is a fundamental part of the user experience, so we’re always looking for ways to improve navigation in Dovetail. Our new modal dialogs, horizontal formatting toolbar, resizable tag gutter, and full width mode for notes make navigating and using Dovetail even faster.